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These are the songs you know and love! Easy songs to learn on guitar. Classic riffs that echo through the dark, seedy halls of rock history. These songs are as infectious as they are fun, but beware. Play these at Guitar Center with gobs of distortion, and you'll get more than a few dirty looks from the jazzy, elevator types who are there to pick up a new sustain pedal for their Casio. Ignore them.

Easy Songs To Learn On Guitar: Top Ten Rock Anthems

Your mom was right...they're just jealous. Enough meaningless words. Let's get ready to slay on the instrument of kings! Here are ten songs that every guitar player should know and execute with great authority.

Easy Songs To Learn On Guitar #10 - #8

Let's get started with a grunge anthem. Coming in at #10 on our list of easy songs is "Come As You Are" by Nirvana. It's as memorable as it is easy to play. This signature single note riff and a flannel t-shirt are all you need to live out your grungy dreams (or nightmares?). Either way, skip the shower and practice this riff now.



9. "Basket Case" by Green Day. Okay, shower now. Then put guyliner on. Turn the gain all the way up and get ready to get your power chord on.



Pop power punk lives on...forever! In fact, it only gets stronger and more self aware.... Like glowing green cockroaches in a nuclear holocaust.

8. "Enter Sandman" by I'm kidding! We could lose our heavy metal license for putting this king of crushing metal anthem this low on the list. Number 8 is "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix. In fact, it might be the only Jimi Hendrix song that ever makes it on any "easy" list. Practice your open chords and get ready to play that anthemic main riff on infinite repeat.



Easy Songs To Learn On Gutiar #7 - #5

7. "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath - You cannot make a list of easy songs to learn on guitar without including "Iron Man"! Coming in at number 7 is this little golden nugget of hard rock history. Learn it well, young Padawan. It could save your miserable little life.



6. Ahhh, sinister 6. This smells familiar. In fact, it reeks of more grunge. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana changed rock and roll forever. It marked the end of hair spray and neon spandex....and for that, we applaud you, Kurt Cobain!



5. "Sweet Child O-SHUT YOUR FACE. That riff isn't easy enough for this list!

5. "Back In Black" by AC/DC. It feels wrong to put it this low on the list. It just might be the greatest guitar riff of all time. It just loses a few points for being less easy than, say, Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water". Nevertheless, you will need this in order to be a real guitar player. So, man up. It's time to rock...hard!



Rock Anthems #4 - #2

Here's the final set before we reach the epitome of easy songs to learn on guitar.

4. It's time to get crazy...really stupid crazy.  It's time for "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne. This monster among men, touting a Flying V and classical chops for days, hit a nerve with one of the most epic riffs of all time. Randy Rhodes lives on through this neoclassical rock metal masterpiece.



Pro Tip: the verse isn't easy. In fact, The verse is the opposite of easy. It's HARD! But don't worry; no one but Randy Rhodes can play the verse, and no one expects you to know it, either.

3. "(Hit Me) Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears. Some people don't consider this a rock anthem. They're wrong. Britney will be held in reverence by you dogs of war! Epic meets perfection, meets raw aggression in this tour de force of shred. Prepare your tiny little mind. It shall be blown.



2. "Enter Sandman" by Metallica - the blues scale has never sounded this good. Or this insanely sinister. Kirk Hammett, you, my friend, are a scholar and a gentleman. One day, we'll make a list that consists entirely of your anthemic metal masterpieces. It will be called 'The List Of Everything That's Good And Right In This World."

Hats off to you for writing one of the most prolific rock anthems of our time. Do you ever walk into a Guitar Center on a Saturday and just bask in the radiance of multiple guitarists executing this scorching signature riff all at different times and with no regard for tone or tuning. You made this, man. It's all because of you.



While "Enter Sandman" may be the number one riff in our hearts, the actual number one on the list of 'Easy Songs To Learn On Guitar - Top Ten Rock Anthems' should be no mystery. The most played song on guitar since guitar.

"Smoke On The Water"! #1

(mic drop)

(picks up mic and puts it in front of wall of Marshall full stacks, turns everything to 11, and...)



That about sums up this critical list of rock anthems. Some of the easy songs to learn on guitar are easier than other songs... But all of them are easier than getting a real job. So learn them all. Learn every last forsaken note and play them as often as you possibly can. Play them when your parents are relaxing after a long day of work. Play them when your girlfriend comes over to do homework. And for the love of all that's holy, Play every single note of every single song at Guitar Center on a sunny Saturday afternoon. You are now part of rock n roll history!

If you would like to learn from the actual pro that wrote this article please click the link below and get started now. Before long you will be able to play all of these classic "Easy Songs for Guitar.

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