How it Works

Pick your Level and Learn it all in order.

Practice Beginner

Step One
  • Just getting started.
  • Guitar Anatomy.
  • Brushing up on Chords.
  • Learning the Scales.
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Sound Check Intermediate

Step Two
  • Dialing it in.
  • Talking techniques.
  • Discussing tone.
  • Learning theory & TABS.
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Tour Advanced

Step Three
  • Mastering the skill.
  • Advancing in theory.
  • Pro Gear and beyond.
  • Expert techniques.
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The Difference

At PRO Lessons we realize that everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds. This is why we have created three ways to learn what you want when you want! First, there are the three level areas listed above: PRACTICE, SOUND CHECK, and TOUR. Each level has been carefully organized to take you from the beginning steps of learning the guitar all the way to the advanced levels of playing! Each level is in a easy to follow chronological order. Just click your level and get started! Second, if you know what you want to learn you can choose by Subject. Third, if you desire to connect with one of our PROS specifically and see all they have to offer you can search and get started that way as well.

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The Real Difference is in the Pros!

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"What an amazing tool for the musician new or seasoned. I can't imagine having access to such in depth instruction, literally at my fingertips 24 hours a day!
When I started learning guitar it was out of a Mel Bay book, imagine how much further along I would be now!"
Mike Scheuchzer | Guitarist for Mercyme