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The Real Difference is in the Pros!

Below are the three payment options that you will be able to choose from to start learning straight from the PROS! Unlike other companies we are focused on getting you where you want to be as a guitar player. Offering the best lessons so you can start playing right away. Our PROS also know that guitar players are made over months, not overnight! So if you’re ready to make your dream a reality and learn straight from the PROS click on an option below.

  • 1yr$99.99Pro Option

    $120 Pro Option

    Pay yearly for only $99.99

    This is called the PRO Option for a reason, every one of our instructors understands what it takes to become a great guitar player and recommend this option over any other!

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  • 1mo$9.99

    Monthly Option

    Pay Monthly for only $9.99

    Gain full access to Pro Lessons and all it has to offer for only $9.99. This option allows you to pay as you go. Now you never have to miss out on what’s happening. Every month we are adding new lessons, introducing new features and Pros.

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  • 5days.99¢

    Trial Offer

    5 Days for only 99¢!

    Experience Pro Lessons for five days for just 99 cents! Have full access, try things out, and see why the real difference is in the Pros! Once the trial period has ended you will then begin the monthly option.

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"Pro Lessons is a fantastic, fun, and safe way to learn all different styles of music from actual professional players." Tim Rosenau | Toby Mac