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Free Guitar Lessons

After saving those hard-earned nickels and dimes from your paycheck, you finally bought the guitar you’ve had your eye on for months. Now you need some Free Guitar Lessons. So long piggy bank, hello rock stardom.

Now if only you knew how to play the thing.

While you may have been hoping for the opportunity to learn from a private instructor for free, that’s simply not a realistic option. These kinds of lessons often cost five to ten times the amount of online guitar lessons. Even if you did find someone offering free guitar lessons in person, there’s probably a reason why they’re so cheap. When it comes to taking lessons of any kind, you often get what you pay for.

The good news for you is that there is no short supply of experienced guitar instructors out there. We live in an amazingly connected world today where you can find guitar lessons all over the place. If anything, there are too many to choose from when hoping to teach yourself guitar.

In order to assist your new journey into learning to play guitar, Pro Lessons has compiled a list of some of the best free guitar lessons you can find online.

1. Justin Guitar (Free Guitar Lessons)

If you’ve ever searched for “free guitar lessons” before, there’s a good chance you came across one of Justin Sandercoe’s posts at Arguably the biggest name in free online guitar lessons, Sandercoe has been spreading information through his website since 2003.

Before teaching online lessons, Justin was an instructor at the Guitar Institute in London. He also plays in a band and has a few other musical outlets. Suffice to say, he is one of the most knowledgeable guitar instructors in the world providing free lessons.

The website boasts roughly 35,000 views a day and has a very popular YouTube page. After starting from humble beginnings, the site has become a preferred resource for just about anyone searching for free guitar lessons.

So what lesson plan does the website offer? For starters, Justin’s Beginner’s Course features nearly 100 lessons that cover topics from basic chords and foot tapping to practice schedules. That would be plenty to get you started, but there are also hundreds of other lessons discussing a variety of skill levels.

This website has an impressive depth to its lessons and song tutorials, especially for no charge. The owner does ask for donations from those who can afford it, but there’s no enforcement for those seeking a few free guitar lessons.

Like other sites, sells a few resources here and there to keep the lights on. But even if you were to purchase these, the free lessons offset the cost.

This labor of love is an important outlet for any beginner or intermediate guitar player looking for some affordable guitar lessons.


As you’ll find with most guitar lessons websites, Guitar Lessons got its start through YouTube. By posting how-to videos on subjects like sequencing and strumming techniques, Guitar Lessons became one of the most trusted sources in free guitar education.

Hosted by Nate Savage, Guitar Lessons contains over 100 lessons that focus on different aspects of playing. You can start off with their beginner-level stuff and learn how to strum. Once you figure out the basics, the site also has tips for those wanting to know the differences between rhythm and lead guitar. While Guitar Lessons free content doesn’t dive too deep into country or rock guitar, they do have a lesson plan for learning the blues.

As far as other resources go, the website does feature some free jam tracks that may help out  during your practice sessions.

For any guitarists looking to go the extra mile, there is also an accelerated program called The Guitar System. This series is Savage’s latest push for those looking to learn more about different genres of guitar playing. Here you can discover how to play jazz, country, reggae, and a variety of other styles of music. But for those seeking free guitar lessons, you may be turned off by The Guitar System’s price tag. Unlike their free content, this part of Guitar Lessons’ business is on par with the price of most other paid guitar websites.

Free Guitar Lessons: The Best Online

3. Fret Jam

For another style of learning, there is Fret Jam. Again, this is a site that gets a lot of business from its YouTube channel. With just over 61,000 subscribers, there are more than a few people learning guitar from Fret Jam.

Though you may find a lot of online guitar lessons to be produced like a Hollywood movie, Fret Jam is a little more barebones in their approach. Most of the lessons featured on Fret Jam are a single column of text with graphs and pictures to help you figure out a chord or concept. Many links within those lessons will point you back to a video from their YouTube channel, but you’ll have to be the judge of whether that’s the learning style for you.

With about 7 years worth of videos, Fret Jam has covered quite a few topics relating to guitar. The site even delves into music theory on occasion.

Mike, your guitar-teaching host over at Fret Jam, has clearly put in a lot of time to build up the website and provide quality input for those seeking to learn to play guitar. Each product that is featured on the website is something that the author has personally used and would recommend, so you don’t have to worry about any biases or backroom dealings.

The lessons are free but there is a “Donate” button available if you like what you find over at Fret Jam.

That will do it for our review of the best free guitar lessons online. While most of these guys can provide some good starting points for learning guitar, you have to be the judge of what kind of lessons you enjoy and how helpful different instructors can be. The guitar professionals here at Pro Lessons would love for you to stick around and find out if they are the right fit for your musical journey.

If you would like to learn more about the different plans that are available with Pro Lessons, just click on the link below.

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