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Are you ready to learn guitar online?

We at Pro Lessons hope to be your online guitar lessons site of choice, but no matter what approach you take, there are some important things to keep in mind.

In this article we will explore the most important factors you should consider that will aid in ensuring your online guitar lessons are a success.

1.) Find an online guitar website featuring great instructors

First off, you need to find a website where you can receive consistent lessons. There are thousands of videos on the Internet featuring a guy shredding a guitar, but how many of those are really going to teach you the basics and consistently challenge you to be a better musician? If you can’t find a curriculum that is going to provide a solid foundation for massive growth, you might be wasting your time.

Pro Lessons offers a comprehensive array of lessons for beginner guitar players as well as those of other levels. Online guitar lessons like these will teach you the basics and propel you toward the next step in your musical journey.

2.) Find an ideal location to take your online guitar lessons

After you’ve set up a lesson plan, you need to start thinking about what your practice sessions are going to look like. Of course you can just fiddle around in your living room, but why not try to capitalize on the time you’re putting in?

Whenever you’re getting ready to practice, make sure the area is set up to keep you in the zone. Anything you might need during this time should be within arm’s reach. That means your tuner, extra picks, a glass of water, metronome, or anything else you might want is nearby. If you can help it, it never hurts to keep your guitar on a stand rather than in a case. You’re more inclined to pick up your instrument and play it if it’s not hidden away under a bed or in an upstairs closet.

3.) Always warm up

Now before you start playing, remember to stretch and exercise your wrists and fingers. You may feel invincible before you start playing, but you don’t want to have to call it a day earlier than anticipated just because you didn’t loosen up first. Don’t forget to do a quick stretch or two afterwards as well. If you’re a beginner guitar player, long periods of playing can take some time getting used to. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a real problem that you want to avoid developing.

When it comes time to actually practice, find a healthy balance of skill-developing drills and simple (but fun) songs you can play. You never want to overlook the X’s and O’s, but you have to spice it up every now and then so you will actually look forward to playing guitar instead of dreading it.

You may also want to record your practice sessions. Whether you use your phone or some other device, it’s good to be able to go back and hear what you’re doing right or wrong. A video recording wouldn’t hurt either, but that may be more trouble than you want to deal with at this point.

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4.) Share your new passion for guitar with others

So now that you’ve established a consistent plan of online guitar lessons and you’re practicing on your own, you should start thinking about finding a community that will back up your new passion. This may take the form of a few friends who also play or it could mean sitting down with close family members to share what you’ve learned.

One of the best parts of taking one-on-one lessons with a teacher is that there is someone holding you accountable, challenging you, and even sharing joy in your achievements. Why not transfer that over to your plan of online guitar lessons? No matter how you do it, community and accountability are important to your growth as a musician.

5.) Challenge yourself to learn guitar online

If you’re a beginner guitar player taking online guitar lessons, or someone who just likes to browse the internet for quick tips, it’s important to remember to set achievable goals for yourself. You’re not going to become Jimi Hendrix overnight. Small, but challenging, goals will keep you hungry for more and encourage you with every passing milestone.

As you learn to become a better guitar player, eventually you’re going to have to shed the beginner status and move up to the next level. While you definitely don’t want to rush things, there will come a time when you will have mastered the basics. When that time comes, continue to challenge yourself and push forward into the next level.

If you’re taking online guitar lessons here at Pro Lessons, we’ve made that switch simple. After progressing through all of our beginner courses covering the basics, you can easily hop on over to the intermediate skill level. You can rest assured knowing that you can always go back if you need a refresher course.

To learn more about Pro Lessons and our course for beginner guitar players, click on the link below.

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