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Are you a brand new student of the guitar and are interested in taking online guitar lessons?

Do you wonder what is the best way to vet online guitar lesson companies? You’re probably wondering, “How much do guitar lessons cost for the beginner, or somebody just looking at getting started?”

If it makes you feel any better, we hear these questions all the time at Pro Lessons. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Thousands of people have asked us these very same questions over the years, and they’re all great questions that you should be asking. Cost is a very important question, and one you should always be asking before making any final decisions.

How much do online guitar lessons cost for beginners?

What factors influence the cost of online beginner guitar lessons?

In order to help you weed through the data and make a decision that is right for you, we first must discuss the various sites and factors that make a difference for the novice/beginner guitar player.

Many of these include the following:

  • Do beginner online lessons cost as much as professional online lessons? If so why?
  • Can I learn guitar for free online?
  • When learning the basics, does it matter who the beginner’s teacher is? After all, they’re called the basics for a reason.
  • Should a novice start with online lessons? Is this something only for the more advanced players?
  • Is there a system and process available online for guitar players to get to the next level? If so, what will it cost?

So let’s take a look at some of these questions and see if we can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Do beginner online guitar lessons cost as much as professional guitar online lessons? If so, why?

You may be thinking:

 “Hey I’m just looking to get started, will I have to pay as much as someone who’s been doing it a lot longer? Surely, like buying your first automobile, most people don’t start with a Lexus (or the most expensive option). Shouldn’t a beginner just learning the basics be able to learn for free, or at least be able to get better pricing than someone further advanced? Again, I just need some basic help.”

While we understand and definitely empathize with you, we want to challenge your thought process here. Our challenge to you would be to think of the price of lessons the same regardless to your ability level.

Meaning, the case could be made that beginner lessons are more important because you are developing the basics and learning the right way. It is therefore more affordable and important to start off on the right foot, rather than for pay to learn how to correct bad habits later.

I have often heard of stories about the legendary NBA Boston Celtic player Larry Bird staying after a game and shooting for an hour. He understood how important the basics were even if it was as simple as shooting a Free Throw.

So instead of thinking beginning lessons should be cheaper, I challenge you to change your thinking. As a beginner, you cannot afford the mistake of choosing a cheap solution that could end up costing you way more later.

Can I learn guitar for free online?

As a beginner, always do you best to be a “student of your craft”.  Never stop learning, and always be an eager student.

So in short: Sure. You can learn for free.

You can also pick up bad habits and wander around in the wilderness without a plan. Playing the same 3-chord song over and over again is not practiceJ.

How many times have you been driving in your car, but you did not want to stop for directions? Many a person has burned gallons of gasoline before they finally broke down and asked for directions. Once they made the decision to get proper help, life got much more simple.

A novice/beginner guitar player does not know the right questions to ask to get them where they want to go. They either learn from personal mistakes, or from other people’s mistakes.

Why invent the wheel all over again? Why not be smart and learn from other professional guitar players who have paved the way before you.

How much do online guitar lessons cost for beginners?

When learning the basics, does it matter who the beginner’s teacher is?

As long as the basics are taught correctly, it does not matter who teaches them to a beginning guitar player.

With that said, there will be less margin for error if you learn from an experienced teacher or from a professional player.

Again, would you rather be taught by Michael Jordan or Coach Smith from Harding High School?

With the affordability of online lessons today, I would go with a tried and proven method that can continue to take your skill level beyond the beginner stage.

Plus, all people are different.

You need to find an instructor you like and enjoy learning from. It just so happens that some online lesson companies have multiple instructors that you can choose from to take you from a beginner all the way to a seasoned veteran player.

Should a beginner guitar player start with online lessons? Is this something only for the more advanced players?

If you have the discipline, the flexibility of online guitar lessons solves many problems. You don’t have to worry about make-up lessons.

You can choose your favorite instructors and learn at your own pace.

You can even use any technology device that has an Internet connection. The best part is that online guitar lessons are typically more affordable than traditional guitar lessons.  Whether you are a beginner and learning “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” or you’re on an advanced level learning a new shredding techniques, online lessons are helpful for for all levels of players.

Is there a system and process available online that for guitar players to get to the next level? If so, what will it cost?

This is a great question. For the intentional student, improving your development as a guitarist is very important.

Some sites just push playing songs, because that is what tickles the ears and has appeal to many aspiring players.

As a beginner, it is very important to work on your technique, scales, theory, etc. vs. just learning songs.

Your goal is to become a better player, not just a player who knows the most songs.

At Pro Lessons, we have a customized system/process that allows you to walk through our guitar lessons, all taught by the pros, at your own pace.

With Pro Lessons you can learn guitar for as little as 27 cents a day.  

This typically comes if you take advantage of the best pricing. 

As a matter of fact, Pro Lessons has three pricing points; each with good, better, and best savings.

For example you can sign up to receive:

·      5 days for only .99 cents (Good)

·      Pay monthly for only $9.99 (Better)

·      Pay yearly for only $99.99 and receive 7 months FREE! (Best)

Remember: Free is good! All of the pricing/savings is based on $20 per month, which is very typical in the online guitar lessons.

And it’s extremely favorable when all of your instructors are pros.

In addition, at Pro Lessons, you will also be able to learn your favorite songs by the actual artists/band members who play them on stage. However, our goal is to develop you as a guitar player. So don’t over-do it on the songs and forget to progress in the lessons.

Remember, it takes dedication and hard work; there are no instant guitar players.

Should you feel you are ready to take that step as a beginner to be taught by the pros, click the link below to see how you can start your musical journey toward reaching your goals.

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