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Brandon Harrington

Brandon Lay

Ever since Brandon picked up a guitar at 15 he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  For an entire summer he locked himself in a room for 8 hours a day learning classic riffs...Read more


Lessons in Guitar 101

Title Instructor Level Watch
Intonation Toby Friesen Intermediate Watch
Understanding Your Guitar (Bridge | Saddle) Tony Hooper Beginner Watch
Pickup Height DJ Cox Beginner Watch
Acoustic Pickups 1 Tony Hooper Beginner Watch
Acoustic Pickups 2 Tony Hooper Beginner Watch
Neck Radius DJ Cox, Brandon Bagby Beginner Watch
Strings (Electric vs. Acoustic) Brandon Harrington, Brandon Bagby Beginner Watch
Changing Strings (Acoustic) Brandon Harrington Beginner Watch
Changing Strings (Stoptail Electric) Brandon Bagby Beginner Watch
TABS 101 Tony Hooper Beginner Watch
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