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Why take guitar lessons online? Many students and parents have asked that question. What are the benefits of taking lessons this way? These are good questions and they all have an answer.

We want to answer those questions as best we can. Let’s take a look at the price, factors, types, and benefits of online guitar lessons.

These include the following:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use- home, office, devices
  • Flexibility- times, conflicting schedules 
  • No make up lessons
  • Variety of instructors 
  • Learn from the pros & learn song

Let’s take a minute and jump into all of the great reasons that answer the question: Why Take Guitar Online?

Affordability (Why Take Guitar Lessons Online)

As you know, having kids is an expense all in itself. So when you have multiple children taking all kinds of lessons from golf, skating, gymnastics, to music lessons, things can start to add up really fast. In most cases you can take group lessons or private lessons. Group lessons are usually more affordable than individual lessons. That personal attention and one-on-one time costs more from a given teacher than having all the students in a group lesson. In either case the instructor is limited as to the number of students. However, the bigger issue is that this process must be repeated in person every week, every year. Therefore there must be a charge for the instructor’s expertise and time.

By teaching guitar lessons via online video, the instructor only has to teach the material once. This particular lesson can be viewed by any student literally thousands upon thousands of times. This allows a company like Pro Lessons to be able to offer lessons much more affordably than taking one-on-one or group lessons. To see how much you should expect to pay for guitar lessons click here.

Ease of Use

Having to transport your son or daughter and their guitar across town to take lessons can be a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your teacher come to your house? Even better, what if you could have your instructor in your home whenever you wanted?  Even better than that, what if you could watch guitar lessons online at home, the office, or anywhere else in the world that your phone, iPad or computer could go with you? What is easier than that? No traffic jams. No gas spent. You and your student are in control. What is easier than that?

Why Take Guitar Lessons Online? Price/Factors/Types/Benefits


The other day I heard of a lady who drove her kids across town for their swim lessons only to find out, once she got there, that swim lessons had been rescheduled because of an unplanned pool cleaning. To her dismay, they sent out an email about 3 hours earlier that she did not see. If this were not frustrating enough, she now has to plan a make up lesson. So you get my point. One-on-one and group lessons are not that flexible. However, taking video guitar lessons online allows both the student and parent the absolute most flexibility of all. Most sites have 24-hour access, different instructors to choose from, and are available on most any device that has access to the internet. This allows you the complete control of your schedule. It’s hard to beat the flexibility of learning online.

No Make Up Lessons

As mentioned above, when dealing with any type of one-on-one or group lessons, it will only be a matter of time until one of life's circumstances cause either the student or teacher to miss a lesson. This happens for many reasons. Maybe its a sickness. Maybe the weather is bad. Who knows? Sometimes you will need to reschedule just because the teacher got a late start and is running behind. There is nothing worse than being early for your guitar lesson only to still be waiting 30 minutes after your lesson was supposed to start. I take that back. What is worse is starting a lesson late because your teacher has a cold and is running late. This will free up your time and make family life way less chaotic.

Variety of Instructors/Teachers

Another key reason to take guitar lessons online is that you won’t be stuck with the same teacher all the time. Let’s face it. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Some teachers teach songwriting better than others. Some instructors know and teach theory extraordinarily well. Some instructors are introverts and some are extroverts. By having a variety of instructors, your student can identify his favorites and learn from a wide variety of people. This should help him become more well-rounded as a student and musician.

Learn from the Pros & Learn Songs

At Pro Lessons we only have full time touring or studio players that play with professional artists on a regular basis. Examples of these would be Grant Mikelson, guitar player for Taylor Swift for the last 8 years, Daniel Carson, lead guitar player for Chris Tomlin, or Juan DeVevo, lead guitarist for Casting Crowns. For more info on professional teachers click here.

In addition, many sites have access to catalogs of songs and teach you how to play some of your favorites. At Pro Lessons we focus on many of the top Christian songs and let the touring musician who plays these songs show students exactly how to play them.

Last, let us encourage everyone who has the desire to learn to take the first step and begin the journey. We'll leave you with two thoughts to ponder. An ancient Chinese proverb says “a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.” So what are you waiting for jump out there and learn. Online guitar lessons have never been as affordable and flexible as they are now. Another key phrase to think about is “A good plan now is better than a great plan later.” Half the battle is just getting started. Most any plan or company can improve upon where you are now.

At Pro Lessons our goal is to help students become better players, and have fun! Click the link below and see how we can help you begin to take that one small step toward your guitar goals. Now let’s get jamming.

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