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Over and over at Pro Lessons we get asked how much intermediate guitar lessons cost. People even wonder how much lessons should cost for beginners, and advanced players as well. Right now we are going to focus on the price onfonline lessons for the intermediate guitar player and all of the factors that can influence the price of these lessons.

All of these topics include:

  • Are there differences in the prices for beginner, intermediate, and advanced online guitar lessons?
  • Who teaches these lessons?
  • Should an intermediate guitar player learn from taking online guitar lessons?
  • Is there a system for intermediate guitar players online? Or do these lessons need to be in person?
  • Why not just learn for free via videos on the Internet?

With these key questions in mind, let’s go ahead and jump into the factors that drive the price of intermediate guitar lessons.

Are there differences in the prices for beginner, intermediate, and advanced online guitar lessons?

While this is a popular question, the truth be told, it sometimes is quite puzzling. An intermediate guitarist is just in between a novice and an advanced player.

If we think about it terms of childhood development stages, these kids would be transitioning from drinking milk/formula to eating solid foods. But they’re not quite ready for steak, and they still don’t have proper table manners.

So just like someone would pay for beginner or advanced lessons, this should be the same expectation with intermediate lessons. You would not buy a car and expect a difference price for gas when going from a Corolla to a Camry to a Lexus, would you? Thus the same is true with intermediate guitar lessons.

Who teaches these lessons?

As with many online guitar lessons, there are a variety of people who teach intermediate lessons. You may have a really talented friend who is willing to lend you their talent and help you through this transitional stage of your guitar playing.

Many times, a “friend” comes for free. Free is always a good option, but not always the best. This is a big pro.

The con to this is that many friends are inconsistent in meeting and giving you lessons because they consider it a favor as an unpaid gig. Another con is that since your friend is not a pro, don’t be surprised if you pick up a bad habit or two.

The next option is a full time guitar teacher.

These are not too hard to come by and can be found on many guitar sites on the web. A good way to think of these instructors is a Triple AAA baseball player. While a “technical pro” they are not considered a full time touring pro or session player.

There is nothing wrong with this, and they have a great deal of knowledge that can help many intermediate players take a step towards becoming an advanced player.

There are some online lesson companies such as Pro Lessons that only feature professional (hence their name) touring players and session artists.

The advantage here is that you are learning from the best of the best. Many times, these professional artists don’t lend their years of knowledge to the general public.

So, if you find one, we highly recommend that if you are able to “get in” (subscribe to the site) if they are offering lessons to the general public.

Last, there are YouTube video’s that you can learn from, but knowing the right questions to ask is very important.

For the most part, we’d highly recommend getting guitar lessons from a professional. And if that professional is currently a touring player or session artist,

How much do intermediate online guitar lessons cost?

Should an intermediate guitar player learn by taking online guitar lessons?

While I know this inquiry is simply a different way of asking the questions – “how do I learn and advance as a intermediate guitar player”? It is quite an interesting question.

Our response is always – why not? Online lessons of any kind allow so much flexibility these days, with not having make up lessons, and allowing accessibility 24/7 365 days a year. They also allow you to go at your own pace on virtually any device that connects to the Internet.

Last, and most important, you can often take online lessons for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to run down to your local music store and sign up to take lessons.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, most online lesson companies (verses music stores) typically have 30 instructors to choose from. As they say in Music City, Nashville, TN – “you can’t be that with a stick”.

Is there a system for intermediate guitar players online? Or do these lessons need to be in person?

Let me answer the second part of this question first. See the above paragraphJ. In short, these lessons do not need to be in person and can be done strictly online. By all means, most online companies have an online system for intermediate guitar players.

This is especially helpful rather than taking lessons in person, because the online lessons have the system and notes stored in your account for you and they are there for your benefit/learning. No more taking notes or recording your lesson at the local music store. Most of the systems for intermediate guitar players online have been vetted by the professional teachers or pro players, and will take you step-by-step through material, scales, technique, strumming patterns, et. to get you from wherever you are to the next level.

Why not just learn for free via videos on the internet? Pricing vs Cost

In short, the answer to this question comes down in our opinion of value. Let me share a story with you to put it in perspective:

Zig Ziglar bought his boy a bicycle at a discount bicycle shop because it was priced considerably cheaper than the Schwinn bicycle he had already priced. The discount store’s bicycle was a considerably better buy, or so he thought. Seven weeks after buying the discount bicycle he had to replace the handlebars, the entire sprocket arrangement, and the wheel bearings.

After that point Zig threw in the towel and bought the Schwinn bicycle. The Schwinn bicycle, as mentioned earlier, was priced considerably more than the discount bicycle. The Schwinn bicycle ended up lasting 10 years and was still a good bicycle when he passed it on to a smaller child.

The moral of the story is this: The Schwinn bicycle was more money, but was far more valuable than the discount bicycle after you consider all the other factors.

This is the main point I am trying to make about free or discounted online guitar lessons.  Free videos definitely beat us on price, after all they’re free. However, when it comes to overall value, Pro Lessons wins that battle every time.

How much do intermediate online guitar lessons cost?

A few final thoughts – At Pro Lessons, like the Schwinn bicycle shop, we have the best of the best. We don’t have good teachers, we have the best pro touring guitar players and session players for instructors.

All three categories – beginner, intermediate and advanced videos are only taught by touring/session players.

So, if you are looking for affordable guitar lessons from the pros look no further.

We have three very reasonably priced options:

·       5 days for only .99 cents (Good)

·      Pay monthly for only $9.99 (Better)

·      Pay yearly for only $99.99 and receive 7 months FREE! (Best)

So while Pro Lessons does have a price, for those serious students who want to learn only from the best, our cost is considerably more affordable than the rest.

Should you be interested in joining the ranks of the elite few, click on the link below to begin your music journey towards fulfilling your guitar dreams.

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