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So you’ve bought your very first guitar and now you’re scouring the Internet to find what guitar lessons are best for you. If you could find Five Reasons to Learn to Play Guitar Online, you would feel great. Maybe you like the personal touch of a one-on-one instructor, or perhaps the idea of taking formal lessons is intimidating to you. Whatever your preferences are, we live in a time where you have a lot of choices to pick from.

There are a lot of different perspectives and competing ideas out there, so here are five reasons why you should learn guitar online.

1. Online Guitar Lessons Are Cheaper

Are you a college or high school student looking to take your first lesson? You could be a middle-aged father of two trying to get back into the game. No matter what situation you’re in, we all like to get the best bang for our buck.

Online guitar lessons range from affordable to free, and the cost really depends on what each company provides. There are a few sites out there that provide free lessons for the basics, but charge more as you advance. You can also find lessons on free video services like YouTube, but the quality of instructors can vary.

The good news is that affordable guitar lessons with professional musicians can be found online.

No matter what you pay for online guitar lessons, it will be a fraction of the cost of a private instructor. The cheapest rate you can expect to find for a one-on-one teacher is around $15-20 per session. If those are weekly lessons (and they probably should be if you’re just starting out), you will be looking at nearly $1,000/year. That’s before taking into account gas and any other expenses that arise.

Compare that to your average online lesson plan that will cost you between $100-300/year and it’s a no-brainer. Pro Lessons slides in at the more affordable end of that scale with an annual subscription at $99 or a monthly option of $9.99.

2. You Can Pick Your Instructors

Assuming you are the average family, there are probably only one or two people you know who teach guitar lessons. It’s safe to say they’re likely more of a friend of a friend rather than someone you actually know. There are, of course, some really great personal instructors out there, but do you really want to roll the dice on how thorough their musical knowledge is?

With online guitar lessons you have the opportunity to find the instructor that fits you best. Instead of being at the mercy of a single teacher, you can also learn from a variety of professionals. That’s right, professionals. Not just the guy who plays at the coffee shop on open mic night.

There isn’t a guitar instructor out there who has all of the answers, so why not learn from a few different teachers?

Another reason why online guitar instructors can be better than private instructors is that eventually you might advance beyond your teacher’s capabilities. Depending on who’s teaching you and how much you’re practicing, you might be looking for a new teacher sooner than you thought. Online guitar lessons offer you the ability to advance in skill levels with ease.

Five Reasons to Learn to Play Guitar Online

3. Learn to Play Guitar Online: It's Easy

Have you ever had someone show you how to do something but then you forgot how to do it later? When you take online guitar lessons, you have the ability to go back and re-watch a lesson. Instead of waiting for next week’s lesson to ask your teacher how to hit that one chord, you can just rewind or start over your video.

Even if you advance from beginner to intermediate, it never hurts to be able to go back and watch an old video and refresh your memory. Internet guitar lessons give you the freedom to move back and forth between skills and subjects at your discretion.

Taking guitar lessons online also allows you to learn at your own pace. Instead of feeling bogged down or rushed by an instructor, you can learn about whatever your heart desires in as much time as you need to learn it.

Aside from just the lessons, there are online guitar resources that can help you figure out things you couldn’t find in the instructional videos. Whether it’s how to practice guitar better or what chords you need to learn to play your favorite song, the Internet provides a wealth of information on how to become a better guitar player.

4. Online Guitar Communities

One of the biggest reasons why someone would be hesitant to start online guitar lessons is that the Internet lacks the personal mentorship of a private teacher. With online guitar forums, you can find a community that cares about the same things you do and people who know how to answer questions you may have.

Perhaps there’s a technical issue you’ve been having trouble with or you want to find a new pedal. Online guitar communities can often answer your questions faster than a private instructor would ever be able to.

5. You’re Already Here

It may sound silly, but we use the Internet for so much in our lives already, you might as well use it for online guitar lessons.

When you were looking for a new guitar, you probably asked the Internet “What’s the best guitar for a beginner.” Or maybe you checked the reviews on Amazon for that new set of strings you were going to buy.

From beginner guitar chords to what equipment you should buy, the Internet is already your biggest resource for learning guitar. Combined with the low cost and variety of instructors, why wouldn’t you look for online guitar lessons?

If you decide to go the route of online guitar lessons, Pro Lessons offers a variety of lessons for different skill levels. Our instructors are professional musicians that tour the country, and we’ve made them available to you at a very affordable price.

If you would like to see our rates or learn more about the musicians that could teach you how to become a better guitar player, click on the banner below.

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