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When starting any new hobby, there are certain pitfalls you should be aware of. For beginner guitar players, trouble can manifest in a variety of different forms. The folks here at Pro Lessons hope to bend the learning curve in your favor by pointing out a few mistakes you could be making in pursuit of music stardom.

If you want to become a better guitar player, these are the mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1 - Not Practicing Enough

First and foremost, the biggest mistake a beginner guitar player can make is not practicing. This may seem like a rather obvious bit of information, but the simple fact is that practice makes perfect.

Musicians have to acquire a certain amount of discipline before they can truly excel. Practice sessions are where guitar players of every level can drop any bad habits and pick up important assets like muscle memory. This important skill will make it easier to transition between chords and maneuver through a difficult solo later on down the road.

Mistake #2 - Not Taking Guitar Lessons

Another common mistake that beginner guitar players make is not taking online or one-on-one guitar lessons. Free video resources like YouTube provide a grain of wisdom here and there, but formal instruction to technique and music theory is necessary for any beginner guitar player to advance in their studies.

Speaking of which, guitarists of any level must pay respect to the mechanics of playing guitar if they wish to succeed. This means that posture, tuning, and other important aspects of one’s playing has to be learned. Posture, for example, can be the difference between a pain-free practice session and a future visit to the chiropractor. (Hint: stop wearing the guitar so low)

If you’re looking for online guitar lessons, Pro Lessons offers a wealth of information for guitar players of every skill level. Beginners can learn everything from the basics of the guitar’s anatomy to chord progressions and the differences between different kinds of guitars.

Mistake #3 - Not Consistently Tuning Your Guitar

Many beginner guitar players make the mistake of not tuning their guitar enough or relying too heavily on electronic tuners. There’s nothing wrong with using a tuner as you’re starting out (or continued use as a backup), but eventually you want to know what’s going on with your instrument by the sound it’s making.

Most Common Mistakes for Beginner Guitar Players

Mistake #4 - Advancing Too Fast or Too Slowly

Beginners should avoid advanced shredding sessions and intricate guitar solos. Instead, one of the best things a novice guitar player can do is develop a sixth sense for tempo and timing. When you advance to the next stage, people will care more about that than the Metallica solo you crushed that one time.

With that being said, the only way to advance from a beginner guitar player to an intermediate guitar player is to challenge yourself every now and then. There’s a time for mastering chords and a time for exploring the boundaries of what kind of music you can create. An important lesson for any musician to learn is how to balance those things in your practice sessions.

Mistake #5 - Not Stretching Before Playing

Another mistake beginner guitar players should avoid is not stretching before and after each practice. In order to put in the long hours needed to master your guitar, you need to be responsible with your body. Stretch your fingers, wrists, and anywhere else you feel necessary to loosen up and let the music flow. Beginners also need to master their breathing when playing. Humans tend to hold their breath when solving a complex problem or focusing intently. Since oxygen is pretty vital to both playing guitar and continuing to live, it’s something to keep in mind.

If you’re a beginner guitar player, don’t freak out over all the equipment and accessories you think you need in order to be good. Once you find a quality guitar, it’s much more important to master your playing. The rest will come later.

Mistake #6 - Beginner Guitar Player - Forgetting to Have Fun

Lastly, a big mistake that beginner guitar players can make is not having fun with their guitars. While the mechanics and tempo, etc. are vital to your development as a musician, it’s perfectly fine to mix up your studies by learning to play a song you heard on the radio or to spend some time making music of your own.

After all, if you aren’t enjoying the process of learning guitar, you’ll never really care about advancing to the next stage.

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