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Online Tuner: A List of the Best Available

If you’re looking for an online tuner, there are many out there offering all kinds of extras. Some are simple and easy to use while others require a little knowledge. If you’re going to an online tuner source, you’re likely just getting started or it’s a simple matter of convenience. Either way, what you want is no-nonsense quick access to a very accurate tuner.

There are a few things that might be a challenge for you. For one, some tuners only offer the ability to choose a string and you must match your string to that pitch. That’s fine if you have a good ear and can match the pitch perfectly. If not, you’ll only be frustrated. Others offer a tuner that uses your computer microphone. If your mic is turned on and you’re in a quiet place, you’re good to go. If it’s noisy or if you’re in a hurry and don't have time to search for the settings on your computer, well, once again you will be frustrated. Here are some of the go-to online tuners. We suggest you take some time to check them out before committing to one.

Fender’s Online Tuner

We like Fender’s online tuner simply because it’s simple and educational. You get an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass tuner option. Choose your instrument, push the string you wish to tune and match your string up. The site offers a loop feature and a tutorial as to how to tune if you’re just a beginner. This is an important note because guitarists who have played for a long while and have perfect pitch can tune to A440 without a tuner and 9 out of 10 times they can nail it. This is because they have fine tuned ears and they are used to the vibration of each string. There are several factors that can help you with this, but it’s still great to have a great tuner and Fender offers an app for your phone that makes this super convenient. Like most of these guys, Fender’s online tuner also offers an array of alternate tunings to help you experiment or go right to your tuning preference.

Gieson’s Online Tuner

Powered by Wimpy, Gieson’s online tuner is a clever option. It offers over 50 alternate tunings and some cool tools like the delay knob which allows you to choose how long the note rings and the ability to just stay on the one-string option or let the tuner go from string to string. Great for Mac or PC, the Gieson online tuner also offers a Simple Tuner, Mic Guitar Tuner, and a Mobile Version. There are four sound options you can choose from: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, metal guitar, and sine wav. You’ll also discover their app for chords and tutorials on how to tune by ear and how to restring your guitar. You’ll dig this cool online tuner. It’s a little more than just a tuner and you might even have some fun with it.

Tunerr’s Online Tuner

A product of, the Tunerr online tuner is a simple but effective chromatic tuner. Like a lot of these online tuners, it requires the latest flash drive. You simply use the microphone on your computer for an acoustic guitar or plug your electric into your computer input source, which will require an adapter from a 1/4 inch guitar cable to an 8mm stereo plug. This tuner is super simple and we like it for this reason. Just strike your string and tune it up or down to adjust your pitch until the tuner light is in the center and green. Songster offers guitar tabs with rhythm tracks to practice against. What a valuable resource for any class of guitarist? You get the tabs and you can stay in time and jam with the accompaniment tracks.

A440 has become the standard pitch for the music industry and the masses. There are those who like to use other pitches or frequencies, but A440 refers to the frequency of an A note above middle C. That A440 frequency determines the rest of the notes. Once in a while, a tuner will be calibrated to A444 or some other frequency slightly off of A440. This will cause your instrument to be slightly off pitch and have a chorusing effect or phasing effect. This can drive a guy or gal with perfect pitch crazy or really anyone who’s been used to A440 their whole musical journey. Some tuners allow you to calibrate to something other than A440. Be sure yours is set to A440 and if you tune and something just isn’t jiving with the rest of the band, one of your tuners is off possibly. Try using the same tuner as the other members.

8 Notes Online Tuner

8 Notes offers this super easy online tuner with pitch detection but warns it’s a work-in-progress that might not work on all devices. It uses flash and might not be available on your mobile. You can adjust your pitch by ear as it gives you each string's pitch or you can activate your device microphone to use the mic feature. 8 Notes offers a list of alternate tunings and a line of chromatic individual notes for whatever instrument you're tuning and it’s pretty straightforward to operate. Sometimes online apps or features can be tricky and they are subjected to device settings. You’ll simply need some patience no matter which online guitar tuner you use as you may run into a frustrating snag or two.

Online Tuner: A List of the Best Available

TrueFire Online Tuner

Powered by, this TrueFire online guitar tuner is straight to the point and easy to use. It does require flash and your computer’s microphone, but once you’re on, you’ll enjoy the needle tuner it displays. The only drawback to any of these tuners that require a computer mic is the need for a quiet place. If you’re in a noisy room with other instruments tuning, you may get angry trying to get yourself tuned. Just find a quiet place or plug directly in when you can and use the line in.

We all know what you’re looking for in an online tuner. You want a stable tuner that is reliable and available every time. If you’re in a rural area without wifi or internet connection, you will wish you had a downloaded software and you might end up tuning by ear. You should always have a backup plan when it comes to tuners. What if your device battery dies and you didn’t bring the charger. Oops! Use an online tuner when you’re working online and always have a clip on tuner or some other source.

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