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Online guitar lessons are a great way to learn to play the guitar. In most cases they can be really affordable. There are always pros and cons of learning guitar online vs learning in a one-on-one setting. If you would like to unpack that topic, you may want to read all about it by clicking here. However, in this article let’s discover and learn all about the price of online guitar lessons.

Some of these factors and topics include:

  • Who is teaching the guitar lessons?
  • How often will you be taking online guitar lessons?
  • Multi-member and family discounts
  • Trial stage pricing of online guitar lessons
  • Monthly & annual membership prices

So let’s not waste any time. Here is the skinny on the price of online guitar lessons.

Who is Teaching the Online Guitar Lessons?

Let’s face it. We have all had good and bad teachers in various subjects. Why is it that we like some teachers but not others? Well that is a good question. Most all individuals have a natural and adapted behavioral style. This is key for you to consider when picking your teacher. Most of us tend to like teachers that are the most like us. For example, if you are friendly and outgoing, you will probably like someone who is wired the same way. If you are quiet and soft spoken, you will most likely work best with someone more like yourself.

You will find that good teachers transcend all personality types. Some good teachers are quiet while others are funny. Some are outgoing and others are more reserved. The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” has some truth in it. For more information on understanding individual personality assessments click here.

All of the information above was to say, find a teacher you like and learn from them. Stick with the plan. You can learn many ways. However, please make sure they do know what they are doing. Notice, we didn’t say find the best guitar player, we said, find a guitar teacher you like, that knows what they are doing.

We at Pro Lessons would recommend that you stay away from part time teachers - especially on the Internet. As you search for online guitar lessons, make sure the one you end up with is a professional. By professional, we mean someone who plays or teaches the guitar for a living. At Pro Lessons we take it a step further and only have professional playing and touring musicians. Click here to see the instructors we offer.

The good news is that due to the invention of the Internet most students have an overwhelming supply of teachers and instructors to choose from. It is important to find a good reputable site, that features known musicians. You want to make sure you develop winning habits. Wrongly learned habits and skills can be hard to break.

How Often Will You Be Taking Online Guitar Lessons?

Unlike One-on-One lessons, online guitar lessons typically allow you to access their video library on an unlimited basis. This is much preferred. A Skype lesson or individual one-on-one lesson gives you limited access and the price for guitar lessons is often higher.

Another pro to online guitar lessons is you don’t have to worry about taking notes because you can watch your given lesson over and over again. You work and learn at your own pace. A great benefit is that most all online lesson companies allow you to access their lessons 24/7 on any internet connecting device.  

Lastly, online guitar lessons allow you the beauty of not worrying about missing a lesson or falling behind. You also don’t have to worry about making up any lessons that you would miss either.

Multi Member and Family Savings

Not all online guitar sites have this feature. However, Pro Lessons is working on implementing multi member and family savings in the near future. Whether you are a father and son who want to take lessons together, or you have two children or even twenty like the Duggar family, we think multiple users should receive savings on their subscription price.

Remember, not all sites have this feature so make sure you take a look around before you decide on a website to take your guitar lessons.

What is the Price of Online Guitar Lessons?

Trial Stage Pricing of Online Guitar Lessons

“Try it, you may like it.” This is what I told my children the other night while encouraging them to eat their vegetables. This same option is available from many online guitar sites that feature various guitar instructors.

A typical trial stage pricing may be .99 cents for the first 5 days, but allows you to get into the site and see all the benefits that they offer to the student. This is always a great way of dipping your toe in the water to see what it feels like. Once you do this, it may be in your best interest to see what the monthly and annual plans cost to see if you can save money by becoming a member past the trial stage. Be careful of any site that makes you commit big money before letting you see what you are buying. I am reminded of fast food giant Chick-Fil-A. They will give away their sandwiches and let you try them for FREE because they know you will like it so much that you will be back for more. The same should be true for any online guitar lesson company. This brings us to our last point.

Monthly and Annual Membership Prices

Allow me to explain pricing first and then explain what it means. For most online guitar lesson sites the rates are:

$20 per month

$100 per year

This is an average of many of the top sites out there. Our encouragement to you is to do your research online of as you list potential guitar sites that might work for your situation.

Also, ask your friends on social media. This is a great way to find excellent guitar teachers and sites.

But most of all have fun. If you can’t have a good time playing the guitar, then hang it up. Learning should be fun not drudgery.

At Pro Lessons we hope that all the points and services that are written above show you that our goal is not to be the best at getting sign ups. Our goal is to be the best at developing and training the next group of guitar players to surpass their wildest guitar dreams. If we do that we will all be successful. More importantly, we will all have fun doing so.

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