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Most sacred music is easy to play. Therefore, there are many Easy Christian Guitar Songs to play. Except for some of the classic hymns like “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” or “All Hail the Power,” most of the traditional church songs are easy enough as well.

These days, many of the new, more relevant artists are re-writing the arrangements to these beautiful old songs and giving them a fresh make-over.

Seriously, most of the newer popular Christian songs are 4 chords over and over. There’s rarely an exception.

During the 80's when pop music reached a fever pitch and great producers were doing arrangements that most of us can’t play live, Christian music did the same, and there are for sure arrangements from that era you’d either need a degree in music or be a professional musician to perform. The best musicians in the land made those recordings.

Nowadays, churches are recording their own musicians and putting out these much simpler and achievable songs.

Easy Christian Guitar Songs in the key of C

Remember: you can do any song in any key. Whatever key best suits your voice, male or female, is the key you should choose.

“Here I Am To Worship” by Tim Hughes is a classic and is super easy on guitar in the key of C. You do have a Dmi, but again your 4 basic chords are: C, G/B, Ami, F. There might be a C/E in the bridge but hey, you can for sure play the G in a G/B or the C in a C/E and just avoid the 2 low strings and you are still correct, and sometimes less is more anyhow. “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes is an up tempo song you can do in C. You basic chords are: C, F, Ami, G, and Emi.

“Forever Reign” by Hillsong is in C and is super easy. “Cornerstone” by Hillsong has a cool riff over the intro and is pretty simple too. The F chord will be your greatest challenge in the key of C.

When you’ve gotten some of the above learned pretty well, go back and get the song “Shout to the Lord.” It has a Bb in the verses and a few mixed chords that might give you a run for your money.

“Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns is on the radio now and it’s an easy strum along too.

There’s so many easy songs to learn like “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. C is a good key for this easy Christian guitar song too.

If you looking for some easy Christian guitar songs feel free to click here. Also if you are looking specifically for Easy Worship Songs To Learn on Guitar you can read all about that at

Easy Christian Guitar Songs in the key of G

“Your Love Never Fails” by Jesus Culture comes to mind. Although it starts on a C2, it’s actually in the key of G. Learn the C2 and G5 chords on your guitar. They show up a lot in these newer songs.

“Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me is a cool acoustic guitar song that you can pull off in G. “Forever” by Kari Jobe is easily done in the key of G as is “Great Are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters.

These are pretty much all 4–5 chord songs that repeat over and over.

“Nothing Is Impossible” by Planet Shakers would be a good up-tempo song to work out in G.

Some of these have some twist and turns, but with a little perseverance you can get them worked out. You’ll need to expand your chord vocabulary as you grow. There are some chords like Gsus4 or Csus4 that you’ll need to pick up, but, these are easy enough and the goal is to grow right?

So, don’t be afraid of new things. Just learn the shape and learn it in a song and the next time you see it, you’ll be better prepared.

Easy Christian Guitar Songs: Titles, Keys & Arrangements

Easy Christian Guitar Songs in the Key of D

Let’s start with “Ever Be” Aaron Shust’s version is in A. But, Kalley Heiligenthal’s version is in D. It’s an easy 4 chord tune with great lyrics. There’s also some quirky guitar riffs you can work out in this one.

“Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli is another sweet worship song you can do in D. It’s got this open voicing bit that’s very cool but a little difficult, but if you just strum along in D, you can play the basic chords and enjoy this beautiful song.

If you go back a ways, you can add “We Fall Down” by Chris Tomlin, or “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble” by Delirious?. Both songs are very easy to strum along to. Your D chords involve an A and a Bmi. These will be new and fun.

Once you get these very basic guitar chords under your hands, you’ll be able to learn a lot more songs easily. Your biggest challenge might be the rhythm of the strumming hand. Don’t over think it, just strum quarter notes or eighth notes till you get the structure of the song down and then let the strumming patterns come more naturally and organically. Listen to the original track as much as you can and mimic what your hear going on with the guitar in the track.

Also, there’s almost always more than one guitar part in the track, so listen for the most obvious patterns and you’ll do fine.

Ok, so, here’s some marching orders. First learn “The Enemy’s Been Defeated” by United Live. You can do it with 2 chords. If you do it in G, you’ll only use the chords C and D. It’s literally C //// and D ////. 4 strums for each chord. Learn C and D and start strumming till you can change these basic chords quick enough to sing along.

Next, listen to United Live’s version on youtube, grab a lyric sheet on line and master these 2 chords. When you’ve done this, start working on “Here I Am To Worship.” The original is in E I believer but you can capo on the 4th fret and strum along in C. You’ll need to learn your G and Ami chords. You’ll discover that it’s not as hard as you think. If you have a guitar that plays easy, you can learn these easy Christian guitar songs easily too. Don’t give up!

If you would like to learn personally from the actual players & writers of these songs click on the link below and see how easy learning some of these Easy Christian Guitar Songs actually can be. Many times it seems artists are playing more complicated songs than is really the case. We break it all down for both the beginner guitar player and the pro guitar player on our site. Click now and we’ll see ya there.

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