Practice Guitar: How To, Better Ways, Specific Tips & New Ideas

Practice Guitar is the piece of advice anyone will give you on how to learn to play guitar better.

There’s even an old joke that goes like this:

Question: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: Practice, practice, practice

If this is such an obvious method to get better at playing guitar, or any other instrument, why do we often dread practicing. The good news is that, if you do feel like you’re wasting your time practicing guitar, we’ve compiled a few helpful ways to give your practice sessions a boost.

Where to Buy Guitar Parts: A Review of the Best Websites & Stores

One day you may find yourself in need of some guitar parts… You dropped it didn’t you? You know you should have gotten some strap locks. Now you need strap locks, and a new neck.

A google search for "guitar parts" will yield approximately 40,900,000 results (in 0.46) seconds. We’ve narrowed the scope to four great choices for you. You’re beloved Flying V metal machine will be as good as new in no time.

Affordable Guitar Kits: Where to Get the Best Price, Quality & Setups

If you’re looking to build your own guitar, there are plenty of great options. The least expensive option is the all-in-one guitar kits. These kits come with everything you need to build the entire guitar… just add solder, choose a finish, add some good old fashioned sweat equity and BAM! You've got a new guitar for roughly 1/10 the price that a similar guitar would cost from a major manufacturer.

How well do they stack up? Well, there can be a lot of variables that determine the outcome of how your guitar will sound, play and look.

Easy Christian Guitar Songs: Titles, Keys & Arrangements

Most sacred music is easy to play. Therefore, there are many Easy Christian Guitar Songs to play. Except for some of the classic hymns like “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” or “All Hail the Power,” most of the traditional church songs are easy enough as well.

These days, many of the new, more relevant artists are re-writing the arrangements to these beautiful old songs and giving them a fresh make-over.

Seriously, most of the newer popular Christian songs are 4 chords over and over. There’s rarely an exception.

Best Guitars & Brands: A Players Review of Types & Models

Let me qualify this right from the start! Best Guitars? This topic is as about as subjective as best pizza chain or restaurant.

A great guitar is whatever you love to play and get the best performance for you from. That said, for the general audience, there are a few staple guitars that have stood the test of time and seem to be the go to for a great number of professional guitarist.

Maybe we should approach this review from the aspect of Best Guitar For Rock, Country, Blues, or Jazz etc. But really, does it even matter? We’ve heard Jazz on a Telecaster and Rock on a Gretsch hollow body, so we’re not gonna over generalize or stereotype this, let’s just talk guitars.