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Phil Keaggy

Guitar Master

Phil Keaggy, a Grammy nominated and seven-time Dove Award winner, is one of the world’s great guitar players and a pioneer in contemporary Christian music. Beginning his career with his Jazz rock band, Glass Harp,...Read more

Tony Hooper

Blues Counsel, Michael W. Smith

Tony Hooper is a guitarist and member of Blues Counsel. Tony is involved in mentoring conferences and events all across the country, he has performed and recorded with Christian greats such as Michael W. Smith,...Read more


Title Instructor Watch
The Stretching Warm Up Dave Cleveland Watch
Yoga for Fingers Phil Keaggy, Tony Hooper Watch
Pedalboard - Tobymac Tim Rosenau Watch
Harmony Breakdown Brent Mason Watch
Advance Harmonics Brent Mason Watch
Bending Behind The Nut Brent Mason Watch
Speed Building Brent Mason Watch
Sweeping Phil Keaggy Watch
Right Hand Technique Phil Keaggy Watch
Chromatic Lick (Drop D) Thom Bresh Watch
Chromatic Lick (D) Brent Mason Watch
Chromatic Lick (E) Brent Mason Watch
Ad-Lib Phil Keaggy Watch
Playing the Blues Will McFarlane Watch
Nokie Edwards Lick Thom Bresh Watch
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