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Five Reasons to Take a Free Guitar Lesson

So you got a coupon for a free month of guitar lessons for Christmas or won a free lesson at your local guitar shop. Lucky you! Or perhaps you’ve seen some offers for free lessons online at a few guitar sites out there. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s really worth it or if you really want to redeem your prize. Why not? There’s absolutely no reason for you not to take advantage of a free guitar lesson or two. What’s 30 minutes of your time to take on a different kind of challenge? What if you really enjoy it? Playing guitar doesn’t really come with unreasonable expectations. Some play hours on end and make a living doing it, but others just sit around and entertain themselves, knowing only a few chords. There are weekend warriors, church players, session aces, and everything in between. Let’s think of five good reasons to take a free guitar lesson.

It’s a Free Guitar Lesson!

Ok, maybe that’s obvious, but guitar lessons can be expensive. There’s plenty of people who’d kill to have a free guitar lesson. With guitar lessons costing $30 for 30 minutes or more, someone paid good money to give you the opportunity to do something cool and fun. Maybe you won it at a music store drawing and you never thought of playing guitar in your life. Well, it’s a free chance to see if you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s cheap or not worth it. Maybe the teacher will inspire you and you’ll actually learn something valuable even if it doesn’t pertain to guitar. Point is, an appointment for a free guitar lesson may turn out to be more than you ever imagined, but you won’t know if you don’t go.

It Could Be A Key

What if you’ve been destined to be a great songwriter or musician and didn’t even know it yet? You have plans to be an engineer or go to med school. Ok, that’s great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative musically or poetically. Knowing how to play a little guitar could go a long way if you’re going to write a song. Plenty of working professionals have also doubled as musicians. If you’ve ever been in an airport, you’ve probably seen a man dressed in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase and a backpack guitar. Even major airline pilots will have a guitar on their back from time to time. Taking a free guitar lesson could open the door to a wonderful future for you musically and creatively. Maybe you were meant to do it. You might take to it naturally. You may never know if you don’t make the call and take the time to see.

It’s Great Therapy

No matter what you do or what your passion is, it’s nice to take on something that relieves the stress of your daily routine. If you’re a school teacher, nurse, or taxi driver, unwinding after a long shift is a must. You could watch TV or surf the internet, or you could do something that will potentially reward you. Borrow a guitar and go take the free lesson instead. You’ll be out of your element and in the hands of a qualified musician whose passion is to help you find the love of making music. You will not be thinking about the dozen things that made your life difficult today while you’re trying to hold down the notes of a G chord. Your fingertips will demand your full attention. Just holding the guitar properly is weird the first time or two. A free 30-minute guitar lesson will go by so fast you’ll be amazed that it’s over. Chances are you’ll come back to try what you’ve learned at home or work and end up buying a guitar.

Five Reasons to Take a Free Guitar Lesson

You Might Fall In Love

Maybe the guitar teacher will be single and you’re about to meet the love your life. Ok, that’s a stretch, but you just might fall in love with playing guitar. Who’s to say you don’t absolutely take to learning guitar instantly and never look back? You wouldn’t want to miss that. Think a year ahead for a minute. You took the lesson(s) and because you learned how to play “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, you ended up playing and singing it at the beach with friends on summer vacation and that’s how you meet your spouse. You rocked him with your strumming and sweet voice and now he’s taking you to dinner every weekend and talking about how many kids and pets he wants. Stop overthinking and start living. Borrow a friend’s guitar or ask the music shop to loan you one for the free guitar lesson and go sit down with the instructor. Promise yourself you’ll give it 100%. You owe it to yourself.

Secretly, You’ve Always Wanted To Play

Admit it! Whether you saw Bon Jovi rocking “Livin’ On A Prayer,” Extreme doing “More Than Words,” or John Mayer performing “Waiting on the World To Change,” there’s been that undeniable moment when you could just see yourself with a cool guitar hanging around your neck, rocking out in front of thousands. You sat at that red light and held your invisible microphone and made the worst faces ever while you sang along with Boston (Yes, everyone at the intersection was staring at you). We’re all rock stars underneath the skin. You simply must go take that free guitar lesson. What if you learn “Back In Black” by AC/DC at that first lesson. Come on! You rocking that at the high school reunion. How cool would that be? Stop denying your inner child and give the brat what he/she wants.

The free guitar lesson that changed your life forever? Could be, or it might not be your thing at all, but you won’t know if you don’t go. A free online guitar lesson is good too. Free access to some of the best musicians doing what they do and offering you the secrets of the trade. Free! Come on now, even you can’t ignore such a good deal. What do you have to lose? Thirty minutes of your precious time? Truth is, we all waste that much time trying to keep our email inbox cleaned out. It’s time to shut out the world and give yourself something worthwhile. Shake your head yes. Yes, you will go and take that free guitar lesson. Good! Now we both feel better.

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