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Why Would I Want to Take Guitar Lessons Online?

With the whole world at your fingertips, online has become a lifeline for people all over the world. You may be an American teen sitting in your bedroom learning Zakk Wylde licks or you may be in Nepal using a cell phone and data. Either way, you can see the exact same thing online. Language is becoming less and less of a barrier with apps and more people globally speaking English. Guitar lessons for the American kid would be easy to get, but for the Nepali kid, it might be impossible. Taking guitar lessons online or even just watching and being influenced by Youtube and other media streams is changing the world daily. So why would you want to take guitar lessons online?

The Influence

Face it, when we hear or see something truly original for the first time, it makes a mark in our memory. Then we set out to reproduce it so we can say we did it too. If you are a Generation X musician, you may remember the first time you saw Eddie Van Halen do the solo to “Jump.” What? Two hands on the fretboard? That was crazy and very cool. You know you secretly sat in your room and tried to do it too. You didn’t want to sound like a freak in front of other musicians and you weren’t sure if it was goofy or hip yet.

Had MTV not been there to open your ears and eyes, you would have never been influenced by the ripping guitar leads of the 80’s. It’s the total sum of our influences that makes us what we are musically. The biggest reason for guitar lessons online is for the influence in finding new things.





The Variety of Guitar Lessons Online

You can find any musical style or preference on Earth when you look online. If flamenco is your interest, jazz, country, rock, metal, or any other genre, it’s all there online. This is a huge reason to take guitar lessons on the internet. No matter where you live, you can find what you’re curious about and explore it extensively online. Just 25 years ago, people would be trying to figure it out from only a book, or playing a cassette tape or CD over and over trying to reproduce the sound they were hearing. Now, you can just pull it up online and watch the original source demonstrate how he or she did it as well as a dozen other players offering their take on the same tune. This speeds the process up a thousand times.

When it comes to learning, the internet has made earth a much smaller planet. Think of what it would cost you to fly to LA and take a private lessons with Steve Lukather from Toto if he’d even agree to meet with you. We’re talking thousands of dollars. Instead of doing that, you can just google Steve Lukather and find tutorials online for free or simply watch Steve do what only he can do so well on guitar. Crazy, right?

The Convenience of Guitar Lessons Online

It’s a fast-paced world and time has become a premium. School, job, family, and errands have us about spent at the end of the day. Seems like there’s too little time for recreation, much less quality time with an instrument. Do this little experiment. Pull up a video on your favorite guitarist. Jeff Beck? Ok! Now, with your guitar handy, find a lick you really like. Take just 10 minutes to work your best simulation to that Jeff Beck lick. You just did it. You’ve got your instant coffee and now your 10 minute instant lesson with Jeff Beck.

Pick up guitar a couple of times during the day and refresh the lick, then add it to your music. This is as easy as it gets. The convenience of learning online can be a scheduled music class with an instructor of your choice or as simple as learning a new lick each day. Learning to play guitar has never been easier. There are no excuses.





The Cost of Guitar Lessons Online

Loading up your gear, getting in the car and driving to a music store for lessons is perfect for some people. The personal touch or mentorship is well worth every dime. However, for some people it just might not be feasible. A private guitar lesson in most places can average $30 for 30 minutes or more. You can’t beat sitting in a room with a master guitarist who’s showing you the ropes, but if that’s not an option, you’ll find the online approach much more affordable.

At just $10 a month you can gain access to professionals in the field on Pro Lessons or many other cool guitar sites. There are some free sites, most of which are good for beginners. Feel free to squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of these freebies, but most pay sites are extremely affordable. Also, all of these sites will offer you some kind of trial period. Try it for 10 days and, if it’s not your cup of tea, move on to the next site. Find the connection that works for you and start advancing on guitar immediately.

Why Would I Want to Take Guitar Lessons Online?

The Access

Anytime and pretty much anywhere, if you have data or wifi, you’re able to simply log on and get to it. The internet is the global highway. You can sit in your bedroom, on the bus, at the mall, or anywhere else in the world and log on. If you can see it, you can be it. Yes, it takes hours to reproduce things correctly on guitar. The muscle memory required takes time. Call it what you want, but find the time to get away and hop online to learn something new on your guitar. You have access to infinite knowledge and demonstration from the best on the planet. The Jeff Becks of the world are from another level, but you can access their sound, learn at your leisure, and be influenced without hardly any expense. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider guitar lessons online.

What are you waiting for? A daily, weekly, or whenever lesson online will keep you moving in the right direction. There’s no excuse for “I’m just stuck.” The internet is your friend. Remember, you just need to learn one new thing each day and play over and over until it’s yours. Nobody will do it quite like you either. Don’t get down about not sounding exactly like Jeff Beck or Zakk Wylde. No one sounds like them, but no one sounds like you either. It’s time to get serious about your guitar.

At Pro Lessons, we offer affordable guitar lessons taught by the guys out on the road making music today. Find out more about how you can be our next student by clicking below.


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