Guitar Riffs and Guitar Licks: The Best of all Time

I’ve pondered this topic a while and looked at some other lists of awesome guitar riffs and guitar licks. Our favorites may not be yours, nor yours ours, so we’ll have to agree to just form a list together. If you’re new at this and wondering which guitar riffs and guitar licks should you learn, we’d say learn them all.

Here’s the deal, within all great guitar riff and guitar licks is knowledge and experience. There’s always a take away; eat the meat and spit out the bones sort of thing.

But, you’ll for sure find something you like about each of these classic guitar riffs and guitar licks. That is unless you’re so young and / or arrogant that you can’t be taught. Hopefully that’s not the case.

Free Guitar Lessons: Best Websites & Apps

If you’re looking for free guitar lessons, you can find several options out there. So many that, in fact, it can be hard to find a great one amongst the useless pile of meh and so so lessons.

Not to worry, we’ve done some digging for you, bringing you top choices from YouTube, Guitar Lesson sites and apps for your iOS and Android devices. While different from one-on-one personal guitar lessons, and some of the best sites are paid sites, these free lessons should help to give you a taste of what online lessons are like and get you off to a great start.

Teach Yourself Guitar: Tips For Beginner Guitar Players

If you want to teach yourself guitar, there’s a few things you’re going to need to know.

Learning to play the guitar is a popular choice for many kids and adults each year. Ranking pretty closely with the piano over the last few years, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments around. It’s also cheaper than a piano and easier to carry around, making it a good option for just about anyone.

Once you decide that you want to learn how to play guitar, there are then many choices out there for how you want to go about doing that.

Guitar Basics: Learning and Defining Terms & Parts

There comes a time in every guitarist's life when they’re no longer satisfied saying “that little plastic thingy on the end of the metal thing". Learning Guitar Basics can be fun. If you’ve ever wanted to know the proper names of all the parts that make up God’s favorite instrument, the time is now.

We have a great set of tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know about guitar basics and show you how all of those individual pieces affect tone and playability. That’s the benefit of having professional musicians showing you the ropes. Although the main thrust of these videos is learning guitar basics, the recurring theme is tone and playability.

Praise and Worship Songs: Easy Keys for the Guitar

Praise and Worship Songs: Easy Keys for Guitar

For sure, there are many Praise and Worship songs that are easily played on the guitar verses piano. Many of the modern Praise and Worship songs are written on guitar and are in guitar keys. In fact, It’s a guitar generation and because it’s an instrument so portable and expressible,seems like everyone knows how to strum a few chords.

Guitar players think in sharps (#”). That explains why so many modern Praise and Worship songs are in the key of C, G, D, A, E, and B. Keyboard players think in flats (b’s). For beginner guitarist and even many who play quite well, It Is a difficult thing to play in flat keys like F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, and Gb.