Worship Team: Start One With These 4 Easy Steps

As much fun as learning to play guitar can be, there comes a time when you want to join other musicians and create a band or join a worship team.

For many people that can be an exciting, but daunting, idea.

Let’s say you’ve been playing guitar for a while now. After countless lessons, song tutorials, and practice sessions, you’re ready to put your talents to good use. You’re not only thinking about starting a band, but a worship team.

Before you can be the next big artist winning Dove Awards and cranking out worship anthems, you’ve got to do the hard work of putting a band together.

Here are a few words of wisdom that we’ve compiled to get you started.

Guitar Repair: Best Tips on Changing Strings, Intonation & Pickup Height

Who’s the best guitar technician out there? Well, sometimes it’s you. There will always be guitar repair that require a professional guitar tech or luthier.

For instance, a snapped neck or fret work guitar repair will require a lot of specialty tools and decades worth of know-how. However, there are many things you can do on your own to keep your guitar playing and sounding its best.

12-String Guitars: The History & Pros vs Cons

Like in many hobbies (or careers), guitarists are always asking themselves what new gadget or instrument they need to pick up. “Would my playing be better if I had (blank)?” or “Do I need to get one of the many 12-string guitars that better fits the music I want to play?” are examples of such questions.

These queries are magnified even more when it comes to guys who actually make music for a living. Whether it’s a country band looking to beef up their new single or a singer/songwriter who isn’t getting the sound she wants out of her guitar, there are always musicians looking to find the perfect sound.

One instrument that many guitar players toy with the idea of buying is the 12-string guitar. So what makes these so special?

Guitar Calluses: Development, Maintaining, and Helpful Tips

Learning guitar can be difficult at first, especially trying to develop guitar calluses. While perhaps not the best way to sell someone on learning to play guitar, it does happen to be true.

Aside from issues like practice time availability and cost, one of the biggest complaints that guitar newbies have is that playing guitar hurts their fingers. It would be easy to respond to this with some kind of “Man up” speech that includes the phrase “toughen up, buttercup,” but finger soreness is a real topic that needs to be addressed, especially for beginners.

How To Learn Guitar: From Getting Started to Becoming A Pro

Are you wanting to learn guitar? We’ve taught thousands of people how to play guitar in a variety of different settings. Along the way, We’ve come up with some do’s and don’t's that might prove helpful for all of you aspiring axe slingers.

The basics truths about mastering any craft apply here, but there is one big difference: guitar is a lot more awesome than any other skill or craft. We can only move forward once we agree on that fact, because, all kidding aside, playing guitar well can be a lot harder than it looks.