How To Choose the Best Guitar Picks: Materials, Shapes, Sizes & More


When you think about the different pieces of equipment that go into playing a guitar, you might think about amps, straps, cases, or other accessories. Guitar Picks are the smallest of these and also one of the most important.


Guitar picks are not going to break your budget, but they will have a profound influence on your playing abilities. Sure, the best guitarists out there will sound good no matter what they’re using to attack the strings; however, for everyday guitarists (especially beginners) knowing what kinds of picks are available is a key piece of information to have.

Guitar Scales: The Top Five You Should Know

Scales are the building blocks of modern music. We get melody, harmony, and most important... shredding, face melting, Hammer of Thor solos from scales. Let’s take a look at five of the top guitar scales.

Master these, and you will be able to solo over any progression in modern music.

As an added bonus, while you’re practicing your scales, you’re improving your technique and dexterity. We’ve provided links so you can learn a shape for each of these scales but it should be noted that there are many different shapes that accomplish the same thing.

We’ll point out the tones in each scale so you can understand each scale and how to use them.

Christian Music For Guitar: Where to Find it and How to Start Playing

There are a vast array of genres within the category of Christian Music. There’s everything from mainstream Contemporary Christian Music to Black Gospel. The Christian Music Industry has Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Southern Gospel, Rock, Metal and so on. Just about any secular brand of music is also represented within Christian music.

That’s good news!

You can find a style you love and be entertained, as well as ministered to. That’s double-dipping.

Christian Music for Guitar is just as vast. There’s everything from modern worship to awesome instrumentalist like the legendary Phil Keaggy.

Check Phil out on

Left Handed Guitar Players: The Best & Greatest

As you’re learning to play left handed guitar, it’s important to find sources of inspiration from former and current musicians. When you’re a kid learning to play guitar, you fixate on certain musicians and say, “I’m going to be them someday.”

In examining our musical heroes, we find the skills and experience necessary to take our playing to the next level.

Listed below are some of the greatest left-handed guitar players of all time. While most of these names will be at least somewhat familiar, you may just find your few favorite guitarist.

Kids Guitar: Best Reviews and Recommendations

There are many options when it comes to a kids guitar. Getting the right sized guitar for the child or person is very important as it either aides in the success of learning or hinders. There  was a story of a dad that signed his son up for violin lessons in the 1st grade, and the teacher was a little puzzled that their arms seemed to be too long for a 1/2 size violin, but too short for the 3/4 size. So, the dad ended up signing up his son for guitar lessons instead and bought him a starter guitar from a dollar store for $29.99. It was a 1/2 size guitar and seem to fit just fine. So, let’s look at a kids guitar. What are some of the popular options?