Five Reasons to Start Playing Guitar Today

Five Reasons to Start Playing Guitar Today

Have you been putting off learning guitar for too long? Need that extra kick of motivation to get the ball rolling? Let’s check out 5 reasons you should start playing guitar today.

1. The Sooner You Start Playing Guitar, the Better You’ll Become.

For roughly a decade, Tiger Woods was considered the greatest golfer on the PGA tour. Most analysts still have him listed as one of the three best golfers of all time. Where did all of that start? At the age of two when Tiger first picked up a club and began to learn the game of golf.

You may think that comparing one of the greatest golfers of all time to your journey as a beginner guitar player is unfair, but the truth is that every day you don’t work toward learning to play guitar is a day lost.

Online guitar lessons vs. one-on-one guitar lessons: Which is better

Online guitar lessons vs. one-on-one guitar lessons: Which is better?

Are you a beginner guitar player looking for the best way to hone your skills? Or maybe you’re a more experienced musician who has let their talents wane a little. Either way, if you’re looking to become a better guitarist, you’re going to need lessons.

Twenty years ago you would have just found someone from your parents’ church that teaches guitar lessons. Today, you have a few more options. And two of the biggest choices available to you are:

3 Problems to Avoid When Learning to Play Guitar

Starting a new hobby can be hard for anyone. How do I get plugged in? Am I doing this right? Where can I go if I have questions?

It’s only natural to feel hesitant about adding a new activity to your routine.

When that new activity is learning to play guitar, you’re going to need to know how to hold your guitar, how to tune it, and other important information. Assuming you’ve got your basic technique down, here are three other problems you should avoid.

Best Methods for Beginners to Learn Guitar Online: 5 Pro Tips

Are you ready to learn guitar online?

We at Pro Lessons hope to be your online guitar lessons site of choice, but no matter what approach you take, there are some important things to keep in mind.

In this article we will explore the most important factors you should consider that will aid in ensuring your online guitar lessons are a success.

How much do advanced online guitar lesssons cost?

Since our name and company is Pro Lessons, we get asked all the time how much advanced online guitar lessons cost.

In order for us to best answer this particular discussion in regards to advanced players and lessons, we will have to take a look at all the factors that influence the pricing of advanced online guitar lessons.

Some of these items are: