Guitar Fundamentals: How Hard Is It To Play Guitar

Have you ever been scared of the prospect of learning guitar fundamentals?

For some people, picturing themselves playing an instrument can sound as difficult as learning to breathe underwater.

Though it may seem a little frightening for anyone who’s never played an instrument before, learning to play guitar isn’t nearly as daunting once you get the instrument in your hands.

Here are a few tips we’ve compiled for anyone curious in beginning to learn guitar:

Guitar Fundamentals #1: Get Comfortable with Your Instrument

No matter what kind of guitar you own or what kind of music you want to play, the first thing you’ll want to do with your guitar is get acquainted with it.

Free Guitar Lessons: What to Look For and Where to Find Them

Have you been thinking about picking up the guitar but not sure you can afford a new hobby? Are you looking for Free Guitar Lessons?

Maybe you are afraid of committing the time and money, or you’re unsure of how successful you would be at playing an instrument. There’s nothing wrong with having the occasional doubt, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least dip your toe in the water before completely abandoning your hopes.

The Best Way To Learn Guitar Online: 5 Things To Do Every Day

Habits are a funny thing. Bad ones can send you on a downward spiral and good ones can help you achieve even the loftiest goals. So you want to learn to play guitar--wise choice. You've signed up for guitar online and played through some lessons of the videos. What now?

With traditional one-on-one instruction,you have a guitar instructor guiding you through the process. Buy if you're solely learning guitar online, you have to be a self starter. Here are five things you can do every day when learning guitar online to ensure your success and eventual mastery of the guitar.

Best Way To Learn Guitar Online: Four Mistakes To Avoid

Back in the day, if you wanted to learn how to play guitar, you had to walk twelve miles to the local music store in the snow with no shoes-- uphill both ways. Then the Internet happened. So what is the best way to learn guitar online?

Now, you have access to more information than any guitarist in the history of the world. How do you harness that information and turn it into pure skill? Pretty much the same way you would at the twelve mile hike to the guitar store. You find a teacher who plays how you want to play and learn everything you can from him or her.

Guitar Chords: Easy Keys And Chords For Beginners

Looking for guitar chords and easy keys? In our experience, there are 2 or 3 basic guitar keys that work best for beginners. Still, it requires some technique and determination to play any chord(s) on the guitar as you’re holding down wires with your chording fingers. That requires muscles you might not normal deploy.

Also, changing from chord to chord demands lots of repetition in order to get a nice clean transition between the chords. Then, there’s the strings you strum with the pick hand and the strings you don't strum as per chord.