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Eric VanZant

Seventh Time Down

Eric VanZant, lover of all things guitar for over 20 years. As a founding member of the band 7eventh Time Down, VanZant, has had the privilege to tour & travel the world through music for...Read more


Lessons in Tuning

Title Instructor Level Watch
Tuning (Part 1) DJ Cox, Tony Hooper Beginner Watch
Tuning (Part 2) Tony Hooper, DJ Cox Beginner Watch
Tuning (Part 1) Adam Stark Beginner Watch
Tuning (Part 2) Adam Stark Beginner Watch
Setting Up Drop D Scott Dente Beginner Watch
Drop D Noah Henson Intermediate Watch
Alternate Tuning (Drop D) Thom Bresh Intermediate Watch
Tuning Down Eric VanZant Intermediate Watch
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