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Learning a new instrument can be tough when you’re just starting out. There are all kinds of questions that you need answers to and you don’t always know where to go to find them. Especially, why you should learn to play guitar online?

“What kind of guitar should I buy?”

“What kind of music do I want to play?”

If you’ve decided that you want to learn how to play guitar, you need to figure out what kind of lessons you’re going to take.

Yeah, you’re going to want lessons. It may sound more rock’n’roll to teach yourself how to play, but most people can’t handle that all on their own. Even if you have a natural inclination to music, guitar lessons can only help.

When it comes to learning guitar through a lesson plan, you’ve got a choice between online guitar lessons and one-on-one lessons in person. There are certainly pros and cons to both, but today we’re going to focus more on the benefits of online guitar lessons.

1. Learn to Play Guitar Online Because It Let's You Be the Boss

We live in a very consumer-friendly culture today. Once upon a time, you had limited options when it came to just about every important consumer decision. Everyone in town shopped at the same grocery store, went to the same Blockbuster Video (an ancient reference these days), and received phone service from the same company.

The economy today is littered with all kinds of choices for just about any good or service that you require.

For you, the beginner guitar player, this means you can choose to learn guitar from anyone with an internet connection and the proper amount of knowledge. If you want to learn blues guitar, there are teachers for that. Just need the basics? There are a lot of websites that offer those services.

Online guitar lessons provide a diverse education that most personal instructors could never offer. Instead of being tied down to the same instructor until the end of time, you can learn what you want from one instructor and then move on to someone else who is an expert in another aspect.

Learn to Play Guitar Online: Why Should You?

2. Online Guitar Lessons Won’t Break Your Bank

Arguably the strongest argument for someone to learn to play guitar online is the low cost.

Personal guitar instructors can be very expensive. Even if you know a guy who’s willing to give you a discounted rate, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking at around $1,000/year before counting in things like gas for the ride over.

If you’re a beginner that is just trying things out or even a long-time musician wanting to pick up a few new tricks there are even some free lessons out there.

If the free lessons aren’t really doing it for you, there are a lot of affordable options on the internet to choose from. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t take this moment to plug our own online guitar lessons here. At Pro Lessons, we offer programs at the beginner, intermediate, and expert levels at an insanely good discount of roughly $100/year.

Not to be self-serving, we also compiled a list of some other options for online guitar lessons here. While we’d love to be your home for online lessons, we also know how important it is for you to know your options. (Remember, point #1 was all about being your own boss.)

For more information on what kind of prices you’ll be looking at for online guitar lessons, refer to this previous article we wrote on the subject.

3. Online Guitar Lessons Work On Your Schedule

The only thing worse than wasting money is a chore that wastes your time. When you learn to play guitar online this is not the case.

If you’re taking guitar lessons from a private instructor, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a lot of travel time ahead of you. Even if you only have to drive 15 minutes each way, that’s a half hour you could’ve used practicing, cooking dinner, or catching up on your favorite TV show.

The old saying “time is money” comes into play when you are counting the cost of one-on-one guitar lessons vs. online guitar lessons.

With a private guitar teacher, you’re probably going to be locked into a certain time slot every week. That may work for your schedule when you’re just starting out, but what about a month from now? Life changes fast so you might soon find yourself wishing you had more flexibility.

Online guitar lessons let you learn to play guitar whenever you want. If you work nights or have a tough schedule due to family commitments, taking guitar classes online lets you live your life without giving you one more problem to fix.

Since online guitar lessons are videos that you can watch whenever you want, this even affords you the opportunity to re-watch a lesson that you’ve already been through. Whether it’s for a refresher course or to show something to your friend, playing back an old lesson is something that only online options can give you.

4. Taking Guitar Lessons Online Opens Up Doors to Additional Resources

No matter what skill you are learning or hobby you’re starting, it never hurts to have a little help. Sure, you can do a lot on your own, but why not enhance your study and passion for music with a few aides? If you choose to learn to play guitar online this is exactly what will happen.

For starters, most guitar websites include an online tuner for your use. This helps you keep your guitar in tune no matter where you are. You can even pull them up on your phone in a pinch.

There are also a lot of accompaniment tracks and blank music sheets you can download from these sites. Charts and diagrams can help you become a better guitar player as well as you learn important terms like the Circle of Fifths found here on our site.

Lastly, online guitar communities offer you the chance to connect with other guitar players at every skill level. You can find the answers to important questions, meet fellow musicians in your area, and even find new music to listen to all from these forums.

You might be thinking “Can’t I just take advantage of these tools without signing up for online guitar lessons?” For most of these, yes. Many guitar websites offer these to members and non-members alike, but there are a few that only come through enrollment.

Many of these websites that offer online guitar lessons also allow you to enjoy their instructional videos on your phone and/or tablet. This gives you the chance to learn from just about anywhere. Sure beats driving a half hour to some guy’s house for guitar lessons.

Think of these additional resources like Batman’s utility belt. The guy is pretty hardcore even without the toys, but how many times has he been saved using his grappling hook and smoke bombs? Give yourself the best chance to succeed by loading up on these helpful resources.

5. Online Guitar Lessons Allow You to Share Your Experience

Learn to play guitar online and share a new hobby with friends and family as it can help you strengthen those relationships while also providing accountability to your pursuit of becoming a better musician.

No matter what kind of guitar lessons you take, you can always share what you’ve learned with someone else. Learn to play guitar online because it allows you the opportunity to actually show others what you’re being taught.

For parents, this allows you to understand what your child is learning and gives you an inside look to where your money is going. Think of it as a Parent-Teacher Night on demand.

This also lets you show your friends important tips that you’ve learned from your guitar lessons. Maybe you’ve got a friend who is also learning guitar or hopes to soon. Now you can replay a few of those old lessons you took and help him out.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to learning to play guitar online. There are a lot of different choices out there when it comes to guitar lessons, but we would be happy if you made the musicians at Pro Lessons your guitar instructors of choice. There are a couple dozen amazing guitar players that we’ve pulled from popular touring acts to come teach you how to be a better guitar player. To find out more about our lessons, click on the banner below.

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