Guitar Terms

Guitar Terms

Guitar Terms are a great way to get a jump on learning the guitar. From learning the different parts of the guitar to the gear you will need to become the guitar player you always wanted to be. Guitars can be acoustic, semi-acoustic or electric.  Acoustics and semi-acoustics consist of a hollow body. Semi-acoustics and electrics are played with amplifiers via pickups. Download all the free guitar terms below.

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Guitar Terms (examples)

3/4-Size Guitar - A smaller than normal guitar with shorter strings and less space between frets.

Action - A term referring to the height of the strings above the frets and fret board.

Acoustic - The characteristics of an environment that effect its ability to transmit sound.

Acrylic - A paint that is used on guitar finishes.

Active - Refers to circuitry that alters a signal before it reaches its destination. Active electronics can be used in pickups and preamplifiers.

Active Pickups - Pickups that use electricity to boost the signal being sent to the amplifier, they require a battery that is located in a control cavity on back of the guitar.

Altered and Open Tunings -The result of changing the tuning of one or more strings from standard EADGBE.

Alternate Picking - Picking in alternate directions (down-up-down-up).

Arpeggio - A broken chord, usually played evenly low to high and back again.

Arrangement - The setting of an original or standard tune for a given solo instrument or group of instruments

Amp Rack - A metal frame that is used to mount amplifiers for use in large stage performances.

Amp or Amplifier - A device that increases the strength of the electrical signal coming from the guitars pickups. (Stronger signal, louder Sound) There are two main types of amplifiers: the combo amp (combinations amplifier) and the amplifier stack.

Axe - A slang word for guitar. The word guitar is derived from the Spanish word guitarra. It is a stringed instrument that traditionally has 6 strings (although there are such things as 7, 8 and 12 string guitars) and can be plucked or strummed.